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A company that cares about the environment -
Since Korea was designated as a water shortage country, Ecoway has felt the preciousness of water resources and has aimed to change the world with urinal. The reason of why ECOWAY focus on toilet to saving water, it is important and close to our life. Every people use toilet at least once a day, more than thousands of waters are wasted for flush. It is not only wasting water (2million of tons per year). There is the cost in terms of maintain water supply facility. So ECOWAY decide to change toilet as Eco-Friendly. One of representative product, Ecosh waterless urinal, is able to solve odor and hygiene problem without one drop of water. It is a patented eco-friendly product based on excellent technology. It brings economic effect such as electronic cost and water cost. In addition, ECOWAY provide “Drain trap” for hygiene toilet and fine dust screen too. We promise that we will continue to work on research and development of environmental products for a better environment and resource. We look forward to welcoming you to ECOWAY Inc and work to develop and enhance current business.
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COMPANY. ECOWAY Inc      CEO. Mr. SooHyun Cho
ADDRESS. #A-615, 142-10, Saneop-ro 156 beon-gil, Gwonseong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
TEL. +82 31 297 0691      FAX. +82 31 5182 8555      E-MAIL.
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