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Natural CleanserGrape fruit bling cleanser

Eco-friendly Detergent Grapefruit Bling is a natural surfactant, grapefruit extract, which is a
96% natural cleaner that is harmless to the human body.

Do you know the damage of detergent (cleaning agent)?

What is biodegradability? It refers to the degree to which detergent (detergent) ingredients dissolve in water.
Most of the dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents, and industrial detergents that are widely used around us use chemical surfactants. Typically, a chemical surfactant called phenol (bisphenol, polyphenol, etc.) is used.
This chemical surfactant has a biodegradability (dissolving rate in water) of about 68%, and the remaining 32% is not soluble in water, and it flows into rivers (rivers, seas) and causes secondary pollution.
There are various damages to secondary pollution, but the most striking damage is “environmental hormone” damage.
In other words, 32% of undissolved phenol content flows into rivers, rivers, and seas, preventing sperm generation of male fish, making them female, or causing deformed fish to be born. And if we eat these fish, the sperm decreases, causing infertility or giving birth to deformed babies!

In this case, since it is an indirect intake, the degree to which we feel may be weak, but shall we look at the case of direct intake? According to a report on MBC-TV's live broadcast in September 2009 “This morning” and KBS-TV “Crisis Escape Number One” broadcast in July 2014, if the detergent ingredients are not washed off with water when washing dishes with dish detergent, It is said that an insoluble chemical surfactant component (phenol) gets on the tableware and then goes directly into our mouths, but it is said that an average of 2 soju glasses per person per year is eaten.
Recently, according to an announcement by the KFDA, when washing dishes with detergent, they should be washed under running water for at least 15 seconds. Shall we wash with water this time? (If you accurately check the time of 15 seconds while washing dishes, you can see how long it is) And these days, when you eat out a lot, how cleanly does the business wash the detergent? Most of us mistake it for being washed when only the bubbles are gone. As such, the reckless use of synthetic detergents (cleaning agents) will not only destroy our natural environment, but also bring great misfortune to our descendants. Therefore, from now on, it is necessary to use products made of eco-friendly or natural surfactants rather than chemical surfactants.

Mechanism of action

Penetration: The colloidal fine particles exhibit strong penetrating power as long as moisture is present through active Brownian movement, and exert cleaning power by lifting foreign substances such as grime or oil without damaging the original substances.
Dispersion: Foreign matter separated by strong penetrating power is also finely divided and dispersed, thereby preventing secondary aggregation of foreign matter.
Emulsification: The emulsification function that infiltrates the oily grime and makes it excite, then continuously penetrates and disperses it into water.

Using grapefruit extract, a natural surfactant Biodegradability 99.2% Emulsion 92.3% Surface tension is acting between the object to be coated and the contaminant, but by removing the surface tension by the strong penetration of grapefruit bling, it does not damage the object at all. It was developed with the principle of completely separating substances. In addition, by continuously penetrating and dispersing the separated foreign substances, it is a product that exhibits excellent emulsification action to prevent secondary pollution and eventually turn finely divided oil into water.

The raw material used for grapefruit bling is a natural substance extracted from grapefruit and was originally developed to remove oil extracted from oil tanks and other marine pollutants (ships). As with the development intention, it has been proven that oil can be removed in a safe way without contamination, so it can be used for commercial and general purposes without restrictions.
This raw material has been firmly certified in a wide range of industries, is completely harmless to the human body and sensitive machines, and is a new high-impact cleaning agent and oil remover that can be safely used anywhere water is used. In addition, this raw material is formulated with soap, detergent, and oil-based solvents. It is not a solid surfactant and a solid material that maximizes activity when treated with water as a homogeneous admixture of penetrant.
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