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Hydrophilic coating

We applied nano-hydrophilic coating technology for hygiene and water conservation

All remaining urine are washed away by using small amount
of water since Ecoway urinal applies nano-hydrophilic coating technology

Urinal Designed as Jar shape

Unique design that takes advantage of the elegant curvature with the motif of clouds and jar.
Also this design is for minimize splash of urine.

Principal of heart valve

The principle of supplying blood in only one direction, drains urine and blocks odor by 100%

The heart valve is a thin membrane structure that helps blood flow consistently in one direction, and the valve opens and closes mainly due to pressure difference.

-By using the principle of heart valve, it blocks foul odor in sewer pipes by only letting urine pass through.
-Special silicone film automatically blocks after urine flows into the sewer pipe.
-The magic valve which has semi-permanent absorption function from the tension of water, prevents back flow of urine and other odors 100%.
-(Recommends 1-2 replacements every year: Replacement period may be shorten depending on the number of uses and maintenance)

Magic valve (EU-MV)

  • Replacement period: 6mth~1year
  • Function: Blocking Odor and back flow
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