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Cleaning procedure and precautions

1. Remove the magic valve using the valve key.
(Replacement cycle approximately 6 to 12 months once / The replacement cycle may increase or decrease depending on the usage environment)

2. Spray grapefruit bling (cleaning agent) evenly on the body 3~5 times.

3. Wash the magic valve under running water.

4. After removing contaminated foreign substances (gum, paper, hair, saliva, etc.) in the urinal, wash it with water (water cleaning is possible).
! Caution: If cleaning lacquer or hydrochloric acid is used, it may damage the product and deteriorate its function (surface discoloration/coloration/odor, etc.).
! Caution: Using other types of tools (such as scrubbers, brushes, etc.) will damage the urinal's
water-repellent coating

5. Assemble the magic valve using the valve key.

6. Spray grapefruit bling (cleaning agent) evenly 2~3 times.
! Caution: Do not towel off the cleaner after use. The detergent flows naturally and has the effect of removing bacteria and foreign substances in the urinal.

(* In principle, the number of urinal cleaning times is once a day.)

Cleaning method
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