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1. Causes of bad smell in the bathroom

The odor that occurs in the bathroom comes from the floor of the bathroom, urinals, and drains.
Of these, odors from urinals and drainage pipes are the main cause of bad smells in toilets, and this is the root cause of sediment and various bacteria stuck to urinals and drainage pipes.
The odor-causing bacteria grow and multiply around the clock in urinals rich in water, air, temperature and nutrients.
Urinals are a breeding ground for bacteria, and since the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes, you must continuously clean, sterilize, and disinfect urinals using an effective urinal cleaner to remove odors from urinals.

Understanding urinal clogging problems

Various kinds of dirt settle and stick to the urinal surface of the toilet, traps, and drain pipes. In particular, in the drain pipe where water goes down in the urinal, scale deposits over a long period of time, preventing smooth water flow.
As much as scales are stuck in the urinal, water flow is getting slow and the urinal will become clogged and a disgusting odor will flow back. In order to solve the urinal clogging problem, people do urinal replacement, drainage pipe construction, continuous descaling, various chemical treatment with high cost but the effect is temporary. So the scale will occur again and the cost will also increase.
In order to effectively prevent and solve the problem of urinal clogging, it is necessary to clean and maintain a dry type urinal that does not use water as much as possible, and maintain a constant slope to ensure the flow rate of the sewage pipe.

2. Hygienic toilet surface care is required.

Toilet cleaning staff are reluctant to touch harmful chemicals (chemicals) and do not want to clean the inside of urinals or toilets.
Bacteria, which are the cause of odors, stick to the surface of the toilet with lots of life-savings and survive the general flushing of water, and the scale sticks to the surface of the toilet with many small holes, making the toilet unsanitary. Therefore, Ecoway's Ecosh urinal is made of ABS, so contaminants do not stick to the surface, and it has the function of blocking the propagation of bacteria and contaminants with another coating operation.

3. The odor coming up from the sewage pipe must be prevented.

Toilet odors are generally lighter than air and are counted through the drain holes in the urinal, the upper layer of the plumbing. In order to prevent such odor, the function of the magic valve using the heart valve principle that only supplies blood in one direction is essential.

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